Car accidents that take place on busy city streets or on rural highways have the potential to cause victims serious personal injury — or even wrongful death. Sometimes the emotional pain and suffering that follows physical injuries can be every bit as debilitating for the victims who survive these accidents. Due to this, it is imperative to have a reputable Birmingham car accident lawyer on your side, representing your rights in court, after your accident.

Local Accident Data

 Compared to the national average, the state of Alabama as a whole generally follows the same trends for accident frequency as the rest of the country. In 2007, the city itself reported

• 11,149 Total Car Accidents

• 2,216 Total Car Accident Injuries

• 24 Total Fatal Car Accidents

From this data it can be seen that more than one car accident occurs in the city of Birmingham every hour. Additionally, more than six people will suffer an extent of personal injury in a car related accident every day with two people each month tragically losing their lives in one of these accidents.

Negligent Drivers

In order for a claim of personal injury or wrongful death after a car accident to be successful, you’ll first need to show that the other party involved in the crash was negligent. Negligence is often described as a behavior that other drivers engage in that directly puts the lives and safety of others they share the road with in great danger. Examples of negligence that greatly contribute to Birmingham car accidents includes:

• Distracted Driving ( for a great site on distracted driving click here)

• Drunk Driving

• Fatigued Driving

• Failing to Yield

• Ignoring Posted Signage

• Driving in Wrong Lane

• Driver Inattention

• Speeding

All of these behaviors, and more, are considered negligent and if a driver engages in them — then subsequently causes an accident, they can be ordered by a court to pay monetary compensation to the victims they injure. An experienced Birmingham car accident lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you need after you suffer a personal injury in a car accident or lose a loved one to a wrongful death.


Seek Professional Expertise

After you or a loved one’s accident, it is vital to speak with a professional car accident attorney right away. Avoid disclosing information to the at-fault party’s insurance provider or lawyer before you first consult with a Birmingham car accident lawyer. Electing to engage in conversations or negotiations with the negligent party’s insurance provider without your own attorney present can severely limit the compensation you are entitled.